I’m sorry, friends, that I can’t be with you here today.
If you’re gathered reading this, it means I’ve passed away.
But if I were there, I’d tell you not to shed a tear or frown.
I’d tell you just to simply say, “Another Biker has gone down.”

If I were there, I’d tell you I have no more pain or strife,
That I loved my friends and family, and I had a wonderful life.
If I were there, I’d tell you how I loved the small blue highways,
I loved the curving mountain roads, and I loved to ride the back-road byways.

I loved to be ‘in the wind’. I loved when that engine rumbled,
And the biker friends who rode with me, would help me when I stumbled.
You are amongst my dearest friends, brothers and sisters of the road,
We’ve travelled many miles together, shared many heavy loads.

If I could be there with you, we’d laugh and share memories from our past,
And this gathering would be just one more tale, another story, not our last.
But today I can’t be with you, except in heart and memory stores.
So, you’ll have to laugh, remember the past,
and then let your engines roar!

Please smile and do not shed a tear, wipe away that silly frown,
I’m off upon that final ride, another Biker who has gone down.

In Loving Memory of Ronald "Homer" Yauch

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