Eternal Brotherhood


  • The Gypsy wind, it called your name, No time to say good-bye. you left us here alone, old friend, To take your final ride.
  • The world it couldn’t tame your soul, you lived your life with pride. Now you soar free – like the crow, you’re an your final ride.
  • Your memory won’t fade, old friend, We’ll hold you deep inside. We’d come with you if, we only could, Upon your final ride.
  • It’s time to say so long, old friend, As you take your final ride. We’ll keep you with us in our hearts, If not riding by our side.
In Loving Memory of Pop

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GBNF. RIP Brother!
27/11/2018Fayetteville, North Carolina United States
RIP Brother GBNF
05/03/2019Milpitas, California United States
10 years Brother! GBNF. RIP!
05/11/2019Fayetteville, North Carolina United States
GBNF Killer. RIP brother.
09/02/2020Edmond, Oklahoma United States